Once again, long time no blog. I’ve decided the thing about blogging that overwhelms me is inserting pictures into my posts/taking enough pictures to insert into a post…

I love blogs that include a lot of pictures of what the person has been doing, eating, seeing, enjoying, etc. Especially eating. For some reason, this fascinates me. A close second is their work outs. Pictures of Garmins are awesome.

I don’t have a Garmin. Nor do I think I would have the wherewithal to take a picture of my wrist after running 5 torturous miles. But maybe that’s just me. Regardless, I love all that stuff. Just not so good at doing it myself. 

Here are some pictures of my family and me after we completed the BolderBoulder 10k in Colorado a few weeks ago.


We’re ready to pump. you. up. 


My sister, me, my mom, and my brother. (Pre-race, of course)


Crossing the finish line! My sister was able to come out from Pennsylvania (where she lives and coaches college basketball) for a few days and signed up for the race last minute!

Sadly my nostrils are quite flared and my sister cut herself out of the picture. But we crossed holding hands. It was swell.


My dad couldn’t run because his knee has gone real bad, but he caught up with us afterward. It was a great day!

I really enjoyed running with my sister. In the past she has always been much, much fitter than I am. However, I was able to keep up with her this time. I know she could have run a bit faster if she wanted to, but she said our pace was decent and she didn’t feel like she was holding back too much.

We finished in 54:05, which is an 8:42 pace. I actually felt like I might have been able to finish a bit faster, but there were SO many people. SO SO many. We’re talking 70,000 runners. My anxiety spiked about a million percentage points on that run. I was rather annoyed by the slow people, which is douchey of me, but I couldn’t help it. I just wanted them to moooove. Regardless, fun race. 


Great weekend!


Shall we talk about food?

love food. Absolutely love it. I truly do hope heaven is like that Meryl Streep movie, “Defending Your Life.” Calories don’t count in Heaven (or the ‘in between’ or whatever they called that place), so you never gain any weight. Bring it on! I would go nuts.

Don’t they look healthy? Ya, they just ate an entire cheesecake. EACH.

Sadly, calories do count in our world, so I can’t eat cream-sauce pastas and Ben & Jerry’s at every meal. Thankfully, though, I don’t think I’d want that. Throughout college I managed to develop some semblance of a healthy diet. It became easier to maintain and enhance that diet upon graduating. I love food, but I also love healthy food. My body craves fruits and vegetables! Don’t get me wrong, it also craves carbs and huge spoonfuls of peanut butter and excessive amounts of ice cream/fro yo. But I think I do a pretty good job of balancing. I go over-board (probably more often than I’d like to admit), but I’m learning not to beat myself up about it. I work out regularly, eat lots of things that are good for my body, and I generally take care of myself. So an extra bowl of cereal/handful of chocolate chips? It happens, no biggie.

I managed to snap a picture of a couple things before eating them this week. So here it goes:


That is…

  • a microwave-baked sweet potato
  • 1 egg + 3 eggs whites (scrambled) on top
  • threw in some black beans (1/4c?)
  • Greek yogurt (2-3tbs?)
  • avocado (1/4 of an avocado), tomatoes, sprinkle of cheese, and a bit of hot sauce

Delicious!!! I had this for dinner on Wednesday night. I love sweet potatoes and I love anything that is Southwestern/Mexican inspired. This was right up my alley.


Oat bran on Friday morning! (Okay, maybe got a few bites into this before I took a picture…).

This bowl was SO big and filling. I used:

  • 1/3c oat bran
  • 1c water
  • 1/2c pumpkin (maybe more? I just used what I had left).
  • 1/2 banana mashed in
  • cinnamon
  • 2 tbs Greek yogurt
  • runny serving of PB2
  • a bit of sugar-free maple syrup

I microwaved the water and oat bran together for a few minutes, added the pumpkin and cinnamon, microwaved a minute more, mashed in the banana, microwaved another minute, stirred in the yogurt and put the PB2 and syrup on top. Done! Twas glorious and it made SO much. Pumpkin is a great volumizer. As is mashing the banana into your oatmeal/bran/whatever you’re making.


Breakfast Saturday morning. I’m usually a sweet breakfast person as opposed to savory, but I wanted to use the last of my black beans/mushrooms and get in some veggies because I was headed to Cheyenne. For some reason I eat like total crap when I’m at home. Snacks all day long, little to no vegetables consumed.

  • 1 egg + 3 egg whites scrambled
  • spinach
  • bell peppers
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • black beans
  • guacamole
  • salsa
  • hot sauce

I add in all the hard veggies and let them cook for awhile, then I throw the eggs in there. Last comes the spinach and black beans. Once that’s done cooking I top them with the salsa, guacamole (I bought these little guacamole packs at Sam’s Club, so I used about half of one of those), and hot sauce. I also toasted up a sandwich thin and used a little spray butter on that. Delicious and filling!


Breakfast Sunday morning (gross-looking picture).

I usually have to make do at my parents house. It’s weird that I have separation anxiety from my own food supply, but I do!

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1 cup water
  • 1/2 c pumpkin
  • 1/2 banana mashed in
  • 1/2 c frozen fruit
  • 2 tbs Greek yogurt
  • cinnamon
  • sprinkle of Grape Nuts
  • rest of banana on top

This was okay. For some reason my oatmeal creations at home are so much better? Maybe it’s my imagination. And also, I always feel hungry still after eating breakfast at my parents? I’m pretty sure I could eat another bowl of oats and feel fine.

So those are some of my eats! Sorry so many are from breakfast. I just don’t think to take pictures of lunch/dinners. Perhaps I will…if I make anything of interest. A lot of the times my dinners are pretty sad, and my lunches are just huge salad messes (delicious, but suspect-looking).

We’re going to see The Avengers in about an hour. Yes, we’re weird and go to movies at 10:30am. Fine by me. The earlier the move the sooner I get to see this glorious face (really it’s the body I’m interested in):


Have a wonderful Sunday!

I’m one of those psychos who loves CrossFit. I would sing its praises high and low, but generally I keep pretty quiet about my experiences with it. Mostly because I live in Laramie, WY and very few people know what I’m talking about when I throw out “WOD” or “AMRAP.” I get a lot of blank stares or general looks of disgust. So I’m going to talk about it HERE. Lucky you (….if anyone reads).

Grant, the CrossFit trainer at my gym, asked me to consider competing in an upcoming CrossFit competition. I thought it would be fun! I am an idiot. I went to a “heavy” class last night, which is more Olympic-lift focused as opposed to cardio-based. PROPS to Olympic/professional/technical lifters. Holy shat, SO hard.


This is not me.

I struggle so much with doing the lifts correctly. I can’t get the hip thrust down! When I’m supposed to be using my legs I’m trying to use my arms. Struggle. And so upsetting. I hate feeling like I CAN’T do something. It’s not even that I’m not trying, it’s that my body won’t cooperate. Grrrr. Two other girls came and did the class, it was a circuit type workout that we did for time. 40 seconds rest in between sets. I came in dead freakin’ LAST. This was a large pill to swallow. I never come in last at CrossFit! I was incredulous and discouraged. But I know that if I love it, I have to keep trying.

Word, Mr. Churchill.

So I’m going to keep trying! My trainer says I could have the same build as Annie Thorisdottir, if I bulked up.


Apparently a lot. My ass and thighs are not on her level.


So I’m going to give it a shot. The best shot I can (hopefully it’s better than the shot of my butt. Har har.)

I SUUUUCK at blogging!


cat fail. the best kind.

I am…very full. after work snack turned into full blown snack madness. 2 bowls of cereal, bunch of popcorn, hummus and cracker, two saltines with almond butter….blehhhh

I want…to remove this food from my stomach. whyyy do i torture myself?

I have…sleepiness. but i need to wake up because chael and i are going to Dark Shadows in a bit!

I wish…the sun was out so i could lay in it.

I know…i shouldn’t binge eat. but i do.

I hate…my job. 😦 sad but true.

I hear…E news on in the background. and my computer whirring like a madman. she’s struggling.

I crave…a crazy girls’ weekend. countdown begins….7 days and I’ll be in denver with two of my college loves.

I search…for direction in my life.

I always…wish i hadn’t procrastinated and had spent my time doing something better than surfing the web.

I usually…keep a spare hair tie on my wrist, which drives chael nutssss.

I miss…my sister. so much. all the time.

I love…my family and the people in my life. 


in Denver at the Final Four this year.

I never…use butter. i just realized that the other day. don’t even have it in my fridge.

I rarely…prefer desserts without chocolate in them. give me chocolateeeee.

I cry…never when i’m not in a relationship. seriously. when i’m single not a tear will fall from these ojos. when i’m in a relationship, a bit more often. 

I lose…things rarely. i’m pretty good about keeping my crap with me and knowing where it is because my mom and dad and sister are always losing things and then freaking out about it and it drives me nuts!

I should…stop snacking after work!!!!!!

I worry…about my future and where i’m going in my life.

I dream…of living in a foreign country and making a life for myself.

I was…in Denver over a month ago.

I need…a good night’s sleep.

 I can…choose to be happy.


This isn’t much of a post. All I have to give right now. Let the weekend begin!!

Soooo, I’m a horrid blogger. Major props to all you bloggers who post multiple times a day. Can’t do it! And I suck at picture taking. I’m always so hungry by the time I eat any meal that there is no time for photography! Gotta eat! Or a small child/squirrel may fall victim to my mouth.



You’ll do, baby. You’ll do.

In other news, the weather here has been GLORIOUS! So much glory. It was 65 here today. I can’t get over it! I’m definitely one of those people who wants to strip off their clothing when the weather inches past freezing. Yep, holding onto the sun for dear life.


Not my photo, but this is a park by Chael’s house. The picture makes the little creek look way more beautiful than it is, so here you go. Laramie’s false scenery.

Workouts have been relatively standard. It’s funny, because during the dead-of-winter months I was a champ about getting up before dawn’s crack and working out. Like clockwork I’d get up, M-F, at 5:15am and head to the gym. Now that it’s warming up (and possibly due to Daylight Savings?) I am such a struggle beast when it comes to waking up. My alarm goes off and it feels like 2am. I just can’t! So I hit snooze and snooze and roll over and cuddle my boyfriend and snooze some more. And then it’s 6am and I feel my gym window has passed.



You son of a bitch! Why you no let me sleep?? (Now that I’m taking a longer look at that picture, the man is fully dressed and was clearly not sleeping. He has no right to be yelling at the clock.)

I’m pretty good about getting to the gym in the afternoons, after work, but then the gym man/trainer razzes me about missing morning CrossFit. The anticipation of said razzings truly stresses me out. Don’t yell at me, sir. At least I am at the gym, you should be grateful I’m frequenting your place of business.

All day long I think of an excuse to give the trainer. I’ve come up with some pretty good ones, ones that would have made him feel bad about giving me shit, if I’d actually used them. But usually I just nod my head in shame. I fail, I know.

So CrossFit has been sporadic at best. I truly need to get my ass in gear, because I love it, and it angers me that I’m missing out. There’s evening CrossFit classes, but I hear they’re always very full (snooze-button gropers unite!) and don’t start until 5:30pm. I get off work at around 4 and head straight to the gym, so I don’t really want to wait for 90 minutes to work out. I’ll get too hungry. And we all know what happens then (hide yo babies).

I have taken exactly one picture the past couple weeks. Here it is:


I thought I looked somewhat put together on this day, so I took a picture. So vain. And so in need of a haircut/highlight.

All for now! Hopefully I’ll be back in sooner than two weeks.

I got this survey from Janetha at meals & moves. By the way, her blog is amazing. First blog I went totally creeptastic on and read from beginning to end. If you don’t already read, check it out! She has delicious, easy, and healthy recipes/two cute dogs. Win win. 

A is for age: 23. I feel like I should be older, actually. In bed by 9:30 every night, eat dinner at 5:30, rarely go out for bad decision juice and debauchery. Senior citizen!

B is for breakfast today: It’s still early and I just woke up, so I haven’t eaten yet. I’m thinking it’ll be a yogurt bowl with some shredded wheat/raw oats and fruit (apple, banana, mixed berries).

C is for currently craving: Iced coffee! The weather has warmed up to a stifling 50 degrees here in Wyoming. Time to break out the bikinis!


Me and my sister a couple summers ago. Don’t be deceived, that is not the ocean behind us. It’s a pathetic little pond in Cheyenne, but we did what we could. And the color of my skin? Yeah, that was after studying abroad in Mexico for two months. I am the palest of pale. 

D is for dinner tonight: Couldn’t say. I’m home in Cheyenne (my parents live here), so me and my mom usually throw something together. It will most likely be an upgrade from what I’d make if I were at my apartment in Laramie (salad with a bowl of cereal chaser).  

E is for favorite type of exercise: I don’t want to sound like a freak here, but I like all kinds of exercise! Up until the past several months I would dread running and would only do short HIIT workouts on the treadmill. Thanks to some interesting treadmill runs (mostly from this wonderful blog), I’ve been able to increase my distance/pace. I think the other day I ran 6 miles at an 8:30min pace. I know that’s not super-speed by any means, but for me it’s pretty decent.

BUT, I also love weight lifting. And I’ve barely gotten into CrossFit, which I adore because it never bores me. And I enjoy those workouts that don’t seem like workouts the best: swimming, water-skiing, hiking, going on a leisurely bike ride, exploring a new city. Love it all!

F is for an irrational fear: When I was little, it was getting left at a gas station when we would pit stop on family road trips. I was terrified. Made my mom or sister come with me to the bathroom and they had to talk to me the whole time I was in the stall. That fear would keep me up at night.

G is for gross food: I’ll be honest, I eat everything. I can’t think of any food, if prepared deliciously, I find to be horridly repulsive. Maybe fast food? It make me feel like poo.

H is for hometown: I suppose Ogden, Utah? That’s where I went to middle/high school. It was actually a decent place to grow up. Sometimes I miss it, but I could never move back there. EVER.



I is for something important: Besides family (because I feel that’s a given), I think that traveling and “expanding your horizons” is SO SO important. I have never felt as alive and happy and fulfilled as I did when I was studying in Mexico. It was like the whole world opened up.


In the garden outside of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s home in Mexico City.

J is for current favorite jam: Bought The Black Keys Brothers not too long ago. Good stuff. I like to put their album on and listen to it over and over. I’m no music buff, but their music kinda reminds me of the 70’s (or what I would imagine the 70’s to be like, since I kinda missed out on the decade.)



Awkward chic.

K is for kids: None. I’m not ready for little ones, noooo way. Just the thought overwhelms and terrifies me. God bless the good moms. 

L is for current location: Cheyenne, WY. On my parents’ couch. Don’t I sound like a typical college grad?

M is for the most recent way you spent money: On cucumbers and apples and a giant sweet potato at the grocery store. The check out man didn’t know what a cucumber was? He had to ask me. Get that boy some veggies, stat. 

N is for something you need: a vacation! Dear lord, a vacation. My job is slowly sucking the life from my veins. I’m taking the first week in April off to go hang out with my sister and parents in Denver for the women’s Final Four. Katie (sister) is a basketball coach for Bucknell University. They didn’t make the tournament but the school is footing the bill for Katie to go to Denver and network. I cannot wait!

O is for occupation: Supported employment supervisor at a facility for people with disabilities. I help people get and keep jobs out in the community. A good job, in theory. Not for me.

P is for pet peeve: This is hard to explain, but when someone brings up something fun they were planning to do with you, but then didn’t because such-and-such happened. My mom does this all the time. Example: “Oh, I was going to call you and plan to meet up so we could go to a movie and then go get ice cream, but it took me too long at the store so I’m coming home.” WHYYYY? Why would you tell me of the glorious fun now squelched. My mom is a pro at doing this. 


But what about the ice cream?

Q is for a quote: “Don’t be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it; because cynics don’t learn anything, because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness–a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying yes begins things. Saying yes is how things grow. Saying yes leads to knowledge. ‘Yes’ is for young people. So for as long as you have the strength to, say yes.” –Stephen Colbert.



I love Stephen Colbert. The man’s a hilarious genius. 

R is for random fact about you: I graduated high school 4ish months early and it was a horrible decision. I had to get a full time job doing data processing. Worst four months of my life. Word to the wise: “Stay in school. As long as you can!!” (Billy Madison)

S is for favorite healthy snack: I try to eat pretty healthily always, so all of my snacks are semi-healthy. I love Wasa crackers with hummus, cucumber, and sliced turkey. A smoothie is always delicious as well.

T is for favorite treat: I’m gonna go cliche girl right here and say: FRO-YO!! 


Don’t deny the delicious. (This was from a couple summers ago in Fort Collins.)

U is for something that makes you unique: I have 5 siblings. Four brothers, one sister. Two of my brothers are adopted and another is a half-brother (my dad was married once before). My oldest brother is 15 years older than me. 

V is for favorite vegetable: I cannot choose! I enjoy so many. Red, yellow, and orange peppers; cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots are used most often in my diet though.

W is for today’s workout: None today so far. Yesterday was 15 minute cycling warm up and then the most horrendously difficult and painful CrossFit yet. I’m SO sore today. So thinking today is rest day.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Never broken a bone, so none for that. I guess only dental x-rays?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Last night my mom and I went to Blast!, which is like Stomp but with instruments/dancing. It was AWESOME! 



So much talent in those performers. And so much energy! I couldn’t imagine putting on a show like that every night.

Z is for your time zone: Mountain. And just like Janetha, stoked for Daylight Savings Time tonight. I love when it stays lighter later in the evening. Reminds me that summer is coming!

Okay, this took way longer than expected and is probably filled with more useless information than anyone cares to know about. But it was fun! And I’m not sure how to resize pictures, because I have a feeling some are going to be giant. Sorry if you were disturbed by an overly large picture of my face.

I’m stoked.

Thursday means almost Friday. And Friday is a day full of possibilities! The weekend is wide open in front of us, the possibilities are endless, pure joy is imminent. I love.

PLUS, the weather is GORGEOUS in Laramie today. I didn’t even wear my winter coat for most of the day (the picture was taken in the morning, so I’m wearing it), which is glorious! I’m always cold, so that coat is on me more hours of the day than I would like.

I hope it lasts, but Wyoming is notorious for giant snow storms during the spring months. It’s very frustrating.


It’s slim pickins’ in terms of gyms in Laramie. I’m not a student at the University, nor is my sister any longer (so I can’t use her card to get in). Therefore I go to the Kourthouse. It’s a crotchety old gym with old equipment. Very basic, very old school. It’s been doing the trick for about six months now though. Plus it’s not too crowded, which I like. And now I get down on my knees and praise the Kourthouse because they have CROSSFIT. Ahhhh! Cue the heavenly music.

This is my third week of CrossFit. Every time, without fail, I am challenged. I’m obsessed.

Today we did 150 thrusters with 7 burpees every minute on the minute. 

(I can’t figure out how to add the source without posting the huge long web address. It’s not working like I thought it would when I click on “insert link”.)

Before doing that, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill to warm up. I’ve found that the first couple minutes of CrossFit suck considerably less when my body is nice and warmed up. Though it still sucks a large amount. I was dying today! My shoulders are crying still.



Bet you’ve never seen that on a healthy living blog before, right?

I know tons of people eat oatmeal, and that’s because tons of people know what’s up! It’s delicious, filling, and good for you. What’s not to love? You can add so many awesome things to oatmeal so it rarely gets boring. Today I made mine with:

2/3c water

1/3c oats

1/3c egg whites

blob of Chobani

vanilla extract, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice

half a banana mashed up

sprinkle of granola


In my belly! So good.

I think I’d go mad if I tried to post everything I eat on here, so for now I’ll post pictures of stuff I remember to photograph/things I find extremely delicious.


When I got home from work I made a smoothie with:

1 frozen banana

1 scoop pea protein powder

2/3c mixed fruit

1c Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut milk (GOOD)

It was a dreamy tropical vacation in my mouth.

I’m going to make a real-ish meal in a minute, then go watch Chael (boyfriend) play in the rec bball championship tourney. Things get intense! I run the clock. Very important person am I. Very important.

Hopefully this night ends with wine in my belly. Or ice cream. Either are acceptable.