So far, not so good

Soooo, I’m a horrid blogger. Major props to all you bloggers who post multiple times a day. Can’t do it! And I suck at picture taking. I’m always so hungry by the time I eat any meal that there is no time for photography! Gotta eat! Or a small child/squirrel may fall victim to my mouth.



You’ll do, baby. You’ll do.

In other news, the weather here has been GLORIOUS! So much glory. It was 65 here today. I can’t get over it! I’m definitely one of those people who wants to strip off their clothing when the weather inches past freezing. Yep, holding onto the sun for dear life.


Not my photo, but this is a park by Chael’s house. The picture makes the little creek look way more beautiful than it is, so here you go. Laramie’s false scenery.

Workouts have been relatively standard. It’s funny, because during the dead-of-winter months I was a champ about getting up before dawn’s crack and working out. Like clockwork I’d get up, M-F, at 5:15am and head to the gym. Now that it’s warming up (and possibly due to Daylight Savings?) I am such a struggle beast when it comes to waking up. My alarm goes off and it feels like 2am. I just can’t! So I hit snooze and snooze and roll over and cuddle my boyfriend and snooze some more. And then it’s 6am and I feel my gym window has passed.



You son of a bitch! Why you no let me sleep?? (Now that I’m taking a longer look at that picture, the man is fully dressed and was clearly not sleeping. He has no right to be yelling at the clock.)

I’m pretty good about getting to the gym in the afternoons, after work, but then the gym man/trainer razzes me about missing morning CrossFit. The anticipation of said razzings truly stresses me out. Don’t yell at me, sir. At least I am at the gym, you should be grateful I’m frequenting your place of business.

All day long I think of an excuse to give the trainer. I’ve come up with some pretty good ones, ones that would have made him feel bad about giving me shit, if I’d actually used them. But usually I just nod my head in shame. I fail, I know.

So CrossFit has been sporadic at best. I truly need to get my ass in gear, because I love it, and it angers me that I’m missing out. There’s evening CrossFit classes, but I hear they’re always very full (snooze-button gropers unite!) and don’t start until 5:30pm. I get off work at around 4 and head straight to the gym, so I don’t really want to wait for 90 minutes to work out. I’ll get too hungry. And we all know what happens then (hide yo babies).

I have taken exactly one picture the past couple weeks. Here it is:


I thought I looked somewhat put together on this day, so I took a picture. So vain. And so in need of a haircut/highlight.

All for now! Hopefully I’ll be back in sooner than two weeks.


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