Oh hi.

I SUUUUCK at blogging!


cat fail. the best kind.

I am…very full. after work snack turned into full blown snack madness. 2 bowls of cereal, bunch of popcorn, hummus and cracker, two saltines with almond butter….blehhhh

I want…to remove this food from my stomach. whyyy do i torture myself?

I have…sleepiness. but i need to wake up because chael and i are going to Dark Shadows in a bit!

I wish…the sun was out so i could lay in it.

I know…i shouldn’t binge eat. but i do.

I hate…my job. 😦 sad but true.

I hear…E news on in the background. and my computer whirring like a madman. she’s struggling.

I crave…a crazy girls’ weekend. countdown begins….7 days and I’ll be in denver with two of my college loves.

I search…for direction in my life.

I always…wish i hadn’t procrastinated and had spent my time doing something better than surfing the web.

I usually…keep a spare hair tie on my wrist, which drives chael nutssss.

I miss…my sister. so much. all the time.

I love…my family and the people in my life. 


in Denver at the Final Four this year.

I never…use butter. i just realized that the other day. don’t even have it in my fridge.

I rarely…prefer desserts without chocolate in them. give me chocolateeeee.

I cry…never when i’m not in a relationship. seriously. when i’m single not a tear will fall from these ojos. when i’m in a relationship, a bit more often. 

I lose…things rarely. i’m pretty good about keeping my crap with me and knowing where it is because my mom and dad and sister are always losing things and then freaking out about it and it drives me nuts!

I should…stop snacking after work!!!!!!

I worry…about my future and where i’m going in my life.

I dream…of living in a foreign country and making a life for myself.

I was…in Denver over a month ago.

I need…a good night’s sleep.

 I can…choose to be happy.


This isn’t much of a post. All I have to give right now. Let the weekend begin!!


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