I’m one of those psychos who loves CrossFit. I would sing its praises high and low, but generally I keep pretty quiet about my experiences with it. Mostly because I live in Laramie, WY and very few people know what I’m talking about when I throw out “WOD” or “AMRAP.” I get a lot of blank stares or general looks of disgust. So I’m going to talk about it HERE. Lucky you (….if anyone reads).

Grant, the CrossFit trainer at my gym, asked me to consider competing in an upcoming CrossFit competition. I thought it would be fun! I am an idiot. I went to a “heavy” class last night, which is more Olympic-lift focused as opposed to cardio-based. PROPS to Olympic/professional/technical lifters. Holy shat, SO hard.


This is not me.

I struggle so much with doing the lifts correctly. I can’t get the hip thrust down! When I’m supposed to be using my legs I’m trying to use my arms. Struggle. And so upsetting. I hate feeling like I CAN’T do something. It’s not even that I’m not trying, it’s that my body won’t cooperate. Grrrr. Two other girls came and did the class, it was a circuit type workout that we did for time. 40 seconds rest in between sets. I came in dead freakin’ LAST. This was a large pill to swallow. I never come in last at CrossFit! I was incredulous and discouraged. But I know that if I love it, I have to keep trying.

Word, Mr. Churchill.

So I’m going to keep trying! My trainer says I could have the same build as Annie Thorisdottir, if I bulked up.


Apparently a lot. My ass and thighs are not on her level.


So I’m going to give it a shot. The best shot I can (hopefully it’s better than the shot of my butt. Har har.)


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