I gave a little bit of an introduction in my first blog post, but I sure can blab more about myself. More specifically, my fitness/healthy eating lifestyle and my journey to find those two things to be important.

I was a relatively active young person. I loved to play outside, ride bikes, go swimming, explore the woods by my house, etc etc. And I’m gonna say it: “back in my day,” we didn’t have as many electronic gadgets to keep us glued to a screen (yes, I realize I’m only 23, but it’s true). Plus, my mom was very good about limiting our tv time. The tv was to be used to watch movies on weekend mornings before the day started. We didn’t have cable. Looking back, it was awesome.

training wheels, you did me so well.

taking all necessary safety precautions.

However, as I got older, I got bigger. I think growing up with two older brothers in the house (who were going through puberty and could therefore eat half a pizza for snacktime) and a sister who is naturally thin/played basketball for hours on end contributed to me thinking that I could eat as much as them. I also loved soda (or pop, depending on your region). LOVED. And I’m also a hearty eater in general. I’m good friends with food.

Not my true belly, but you catch my drift. I wasn’t obese, but I definitely had a little chub.

I developed a fear of exercise. I didn’t want to go walking/running with my mom when she asked, didn’t want to play in family basketball games, didn’t want to ride bikes with my sister. I was scared of looking like that fat kid who was out of breath. This fear followed me throughout middle school and into high school. I participated in sports and was fairly decent, but I DREADED exercise. I dreaded the end of practice when the coach would blow the whistle and say “get on the line!” (I’m pretty sure everyone did, regardless of physical fitness, but I would think of ways to feign injury so I could sit out. I never did, but the fantasy was always there).

“We have to run? What the hell!” (Yes, I cut my hair like a boy. Right before the start of middle school. Poor life choice.)

Before the start of our state qualifying game my senior year (#12).

Sports in high school were my life. I love and treasure those experiences. However, not the best time health-wise. We played hard and ate a lot. A lot a lot. Specifically pizza and pasta and greasy Mexican food. And candy. I’m looking at you, Swedish Fish.

After some game. Me and my best friend Erika chowing down at The Pie Pizzeria (if you live in Utah, go now).

Looking back at these pictures, I was never that big. I was “healthy” looking, but not fit. And I’m glad that I wasn’t focused on that sort of thing in high school. I’m plenty focused now, nice to remember days of ordering a Route 44 slushy and some tots from Sonic without a second thought.

(This has become way too long and drawn out, I will edit later and actually finish the post)


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