I’m a blogger? Hmmm…we shall see. My computer savvy-ness is already being tested. I feel old.

Anyway, I love reading health and fitness blogs. LOOOVE. I read them religiously. Far more religiously than I read the newspaper or internet news. I’m all about creepin’ on other people’s lives and health routines. I’ve gotten some great tips/recipes from a plethora of bloggers; these ladies (sorry, no gents…yet) have really made an impact on my eating and exercise habits. So much so that I thought I’d take a crack at writing my own health/fitness/lifestyle/random word vomit blog.

My name is Dani.  (I tried to insert a picture of myself but ended up making it its own post. Struggle. I’ll get there).

I live in Wyoming.

ImageAntelope on the golf course. A regular occurrence.

I work at a center for people with disabilities. A good job, not what I want to do for the rest of my life (or even for the next six months).

I graduated from the University of Oregon in December 2010. Go Ducks! My degree is in English Lit. People are dying to hire me and give me large amounts of money.


I love my family. I’m the bebe of six kids.


Two more brothers not pictured. And my mom and dad, obviously. They play(ed) a critical role in our existence.

Annnnd that’s all for now, since these posts take a bit longer to put together than I anticipated.

I’m excited to share some parts of me with you!